Alyssa Ages – Fitness Contributor

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Alyssa is the founder of BeFit Marketing, a company that provides consulting services, creates content, produces events, and builds strategic marketing partnerships for fitness and wellness brands. In 2014, Alyssa became a personal trainer (NASM) and is now certified as a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, Spartan SGX Coach, and Complete Human Performance Coach. She is currently a strength coach at CrossFit Metric. In her nonexistent spare time, Alyssa is also a writer (Precision Nutrition, Men’s Fitness and Well TO Do).

When she’s not working, Alyssa is mainly focused on lifting things up and putting them down – which is to say, she is a strongman competitor. She has also completed six marathons (inspired by P. Diddy), an Ironman triathlon, a Spartan race, and a CrossFit competition. She qualified for and competed in the lightweight class at the 2016 Ontario Strongman Provincials.

Her non-fitness passions include: Bon Jovi’s entire catalogue, candy corn, bro humor, grumbling ad nauseam about the loss of innocence of Jimmy from Degrassi, and being one of only two people in the world who still watch MTV’s “The Challenge.”

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Laura De Sanctis – Nutrition Contributor

Laura De Sanctis a Holistic Nutritionist, Digestive Health Coach and Fitness Instructor. Laura specializes in coaching women on digestive issues, weight loss and pregnancy. She loves all things related to health and wellness, and believes in healing the body from the inside-out, with a holistic whole foods approach. When she’s not coaching clients, you can find Laura lifting weights or doing Pilates. For more information on her nutrition programs, click here.

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Twitter: @LauraMDeSanctis

Alyssa Geffen – The Running Kitchen 

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Alyssa is a runner, food lover, and writer working in advertising in Toronto. After struggling with her weight for many years, she made an active lifestyle and eating healthy a big part of her life. She wanted to find a way to inspire other people while keeping herself accountable, so she combined her love of eating, running and writing to create The Running Kitchen.

Alyssa believes that eating healthy doesn’t mean you need to compromise flavour. When you incorporate real foods into your diet, you can create delicious and satisfying meals that work for you. This approach will encourage an overall healthy way of living without ever feeling deprived.

When she’s not working, you can find her talking about food, eating and running in races around the world.

Check out her recipes from The Running Kitchen, here. 

Lori Harito – All Things Wellness Contributor 

Lori lives the Wellness Junkie life. There isn’t a juice she hasn’t tried, or yoga class she hasn’t been to. Lori loves the growing fitness and wellness scene in Toronto, and if there’s a new fitness boutique in town, Lori is probably there.

Lori is a contributor for blogTO writing on health and fitness trends in Toronto, and has a background in Journalism from Ryerson University. She’s also written for Global News, Huffington Post, ET Canada and Beauty Editor. She loves combining the art of writing with a passion for spreading health and wellness to others. She currently works for spreading wellness on a digital platform. Previously she worked at Indigo Books, and yes, has many books taking up shelf space.

Lori is passionate about women’s health and hormones after being diagnosed with thyroid disease, and spending years researching the impact of autoimmune disorders.

>Wellness is what she aspires to, always.  Her other activities include lots of traveling, reading and blending essential oils. And always drinking coffee (coconut milk lattes anyone?).

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Christine Jairamsingh – Beauty Contributor


With over ten years experience in makeup and skincare, and a holistic nutrition background, Christine has a unique perspective on what it means to look and feel beautiful. Her makeup career began in 2004 at MAC Cosmetics where she started exploring her love of beauty and uninhibited creative expression. She has since collaborated with several other prominent brands, and currently works as a freelance artist in the fashion industry.

In 2010, personal health challenges and an inherent interest in food’s relationship to well-being guided her to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she studied various approaches to using diet to improve health. Upon graduating, she found herself gravitating back towards the world of makeup but with a newfound perspective. The green beauty industry started to rapidly evolve and produce products that perform just as well (if not better) than conventional go-to’s. She took note and began incorporating more and more green beauty products into her makeup applications. The result was building an entirely natural skincare and makeup kit, and confirming a strong belief that non-toxic products don’t have to be boring or ineffective.

Christine is the Lead Makeup Artist and Educator for top green beauty store, The Detox Market, where she continues to exercise relentless enthusiasm, expertise and passion for natural products.

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Christine Noonan – Yoga Contributor

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Christine uses yoga as her creative outlet to help others connect to their body, mind and breath. She began her wellness career over ten years ago as a massage therapist and found her way to the mat in 2008. Christine has completed several certifications with YYoga in Vancouver, which fueled her love for the foundations of yoga and how each and every body has something to gain from this practice. Since moving to Toronto, she has continued her education, diving deeper into spin, yin yoga and restorative yoga. Her classes include an integrated focus on the poses of yoga as well as the community that is formed from practicing together. Students enjoy her refreshing approach to teaching – you can expect to challenge yourself yet smile and laugh along the way. Christine enjoys learning from those around her and watching her yoga journey continually grow and change.

You can find her leading public classes at YYoga and Union Yoga as well as corporate and private yoga classes upon request.

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Keri O’Meara – Pilates Guru, Creator of Muse Movement 

“It’s magic to be in your body and connected to it. The relief of pain, the joy of mobility. It’s just special and I want to be a part of helping people do that.” Keri O’Meara is the creator of MuseMovement Studio, a fun and inclusive place which she opened in 2015 in order to support and expand her community of loyal students who are committed to mindful movement, growth, laughter and body education.

A Pilates, yoga instructor and movement coach, Keri’s teaching motto: move your body, move your mind, move your heart is inspired by her own experience with the liberating and transformative power of mindful, safe movement. Having lived with arthritis since she was four years old Keri found Pilates and yoga as a way to get strong, live pain free and feel connected to her body in a positive way. This changed her life. As such she sees movement as therapy and her teaching reflects this. A large part of her philosophy and teaching method is based upon understanding that every body tells a story and educating students about how their bodies work.

Keri has over the years created a signature approach, the Muse Method, which both challenges and sets the body up for success in movement, so that students understand and feel the magic of movement. Keri’s deep and intuitive understanding of the human body informs everything she does whether she is working with a client in a rehab setting, teaching a group fitness class or training teachers. Respecting the traditions of Pilates and yoga she is also inspired by other modalities as well as current and evolving understandings of the body in order to provide her students with movement that is contemporary and relevant to their modern, urban lifestyles.