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Black and White

Some things in life are simply black and white.  At least they were for us during our latest visit to Belmonte Raw this week.  Indecisive about which of the many juices to try, we eventually opted out of our usual “green habit” in favour of  a black and white option – Hydrate (a black “water”) and Vanilla Cashew Milk (which is white).

And let me just say that, although I am, and remain, a loyal green juice girl, as a former New Yorker, this combo may become my healthy alternative to New York’s famous black and white cookie. Hydrate (activated charcoal, alkaline water, lemon and coconut sugar) has a definite light and tangy taste as advertised.  It soothes digestion (I’m all about gut health) and, particularly relevant given the upcoming weekend, acts as a liver aid and hangover cure.  I can’t yet speak to its effectiveness on that last front, but hey…I’ll definitely keep this in mind for after my next girls’ night out in TO.

The Vanilla Cashew Milk (cashews, filtered water and vanilla dates) was creamy and filling.  Not something I would want to drink every day (given the thickness and calorie count) but with mineralizing, bone building and energy-producing properties, this may be a good alternative for something filling on the run or to supplement a cleanse.  All in all, I can’t wait to head back to sample some more of what Belmonte Raw has to offer.  (P.S. I also love their aesthetic – make sure to check out their wall of metallic juice bottles!) – Erin


Black and white deliciousness aside, we also love their green juices.  From beginner (Calm – which includes kale, cucumber, mint and some pineapple and lime to soften the taste) to advanced (Drive – the ingredients are kale, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, parsley and lemon, nothing sweet here), there is a juice or a smoothie for everyone at this great stop in the Toronto Path.

Belmonte Raw specializes in nutritious whole foods and juices. Its Cleanses, Juices, and Raw Food provide you with the nourishment you need to feel happy and revitalized. For more information, click here.