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Getting Fit and Giving Back – Bootcamps for Change

What if you could attend a workout class and at the same time give back to the community?  That’s exactly what we were able to do when we attended a yoga class organized by Bootcamps for Change.

Katie Heggtveit, founder of Bootcamps for Change, explains that the organization was founded to “create a community of professionals that are passionate about helping the local community.”

“We will run a variety of fitness events that will be educational and fun,” she added. “We want our teachers to benefit from the outreach of our organization and create links to create new leads for their own professional benefit while also benefitting charities.” Katie, and the forty volunteers involved, aim to have fitness influencers in Toronto donate their time so 100% of the proceeds goes towards the charity.

bootcamps for change

The event we attended was a yoga class with a post-class mimosa at The Porch rooftop in downtown Toronto. We had a perfect view of the CN Tower as our backdrop, and the sun was just beginning to peek out from behind the high-rise buildings. Imagine completing your sun salutation as the sun shines down on you.

Tara Good (yoga instructor at both framewrk and 889) led us through a 45-minute class. The flow was approachable for all levels and Tara made sure to give modifications and extensions for the yogis in the group with a consistent practice. After class we sipped mimosas while bidding on silent auction items and answering trivia questions to win cool swag from sponsors.

bootcamps for change

This was the second event for Bootcamps for Change and more are in the works. Each of their first two events donated 100% of the proceeds for the Jays Care Foundation. The Jays Care foundation mission is “to use baseball to teach life skills and create lasting social change for children and youth in marginalized communities across Canada.” We really connected with the goal of investing in children by providing them with support to flourish and succeed and were inspired by the organizers, Tara our yoga instructor, and all of the attendees who all gave their time, energy, and money to benefit children in our city.

Going forward, Bootcamps for Change hopes to continue holding fitness events to to raise more money for marginalized youth in Toronto. 

bootcamps for change

Want to know more or possibly get involved yourself? Follow Bootcamps for Change on Instagram at @bootcampsforchange to stay updated on their next event. If you or anyone you know is interested in inquiring about partnership, sponsorship or teaching opportunities, contact Katie Heggtveit at for more information.