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You Will Break a Sweat on this Ride: SCULLHOUSE Opens to the Public

After much anticipation, SCULLHOUSE, Canada’s first dedicated indoor rowing studio, opens to the public this Friday. Well TO Do had a chance to break a sweat with fellow writers and influencers before the grand opening to bring you all the details.

The Space:

Located steps from the St. Lawrence Market on Jarvis, SCULLHOUSE occupies an enviable piece of heavily trafficked real estate. An inviting check-in desk with a chic backlit logo and wall of branded apparel dominate the spacious lobby and check-in area.

To the right is the main attraction, the rowing studio, lined with Concept2 rowing machines in two lines. The front wall is fully mirrored, doing double duty as a tool for ensuring your strokes are in sync with your neighbors’, and a canvas for writing the workout intervals.

To the left of the front desk, the studio also features a dedicated personal training space stocked with a squat rack, dumbbells, benches, weight machines and med balls.


The Class:

We tried the Classic Row workout, a 55-minute class which included three rowing sets of 12 minutes, 10 minutes, and 8 minutes, punctuated by 60 seconds of strength work in between (think: squat jumps, pushups, plank holds, and mountain climbers). Each set was broken down into two-minute intervals at varying stroke rates (the amount of strokes you take in a minute) with no rest in between. The monitor on your machine can keep you on track but an even better way to measure your pace is to mirror the instructor’s strokes.

Studio founder (and our instructor for this class) Kristin Jeffery, was a member of the National Rowing Team and brings that team spirit into the studio; the entire class rows in sync, with each person’s stroke matching that of their neighbor. It creates a strong team vibe and crushes any ideas you have about slacking.

Think you’re finished after that last interval? Kristin had a surprise “empty the tank” interval in store for us: a 500-meter all-out sprint to the finish.

Other class offerings include Express Row (shorter, higher-intensity version of Classic Row in 45 minutes), Row & Flow (25 minutes of moving meditation rowing, followed by 30 minutes of Vinyasa style yoga), and Core Row (55 minutes of intervals on the rowing machine alternating with intervals of mat work focusing on toning and strengthening the entire core).


The studio features a wall of lockers in each locker room, secured by your individual code (no need to bring your own lock), showers and shower products, towels for class, and towels for your post-class shower.

Know Before You Go:

SCULLHOUSE is located at 35 Jarvis Street, just south of King
A single class drop-in is $26, a 5-pack will run you $125. Memberships are available at $176 for 8 classes/month and $240 for 12 classes/month.
There is a 25% discount on all class packs until March 17
To learn more and register for classes, click here.