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Behind the Scenes with Alyssa Ages (BeFit Marketing)

In our final behind the scenes feature, fab WTD Contributor, Alyssa Ages of BeFit Marketing, shares a few tips and thoughts on the Toronto wellness scene.  

Editor’s Note: All four of our models independently professed their love for Impact Kitchen during their interviews – not that we’re surprised!  Must be those delicious cookies…

Well TO Do: What do you do / where do you work?

Alyssa Ages: I run a marketing company called BeFit Marketing. We work with fitness and wellness brands (like this one!) to create content, host events, and build strategic marketing partnerships with like-minded brands. I also write for publications like Precision Nutrition, Men’s Fitness, and of course, Well TO Do!

WTD: How did you get your start in the TO fitness scene?

AA: I’ve only been in Toronto for about six months (I moved here from NYC in March) but I was lucky enough to get hired as a trainer right after moving here. I wanted to find a wellness community here, so I decided to join forces with a longtime friend and fitfam member to build our own. It’s called The Fit Collective! I’ve also been working on building BeFit Marketing here by partnering with fitness and wellness brands on events, partnerships, and content.

WTD: What is your favourite:

  • Trend in fitness apparel: It comes and goes as a trend, but I love a crazy bold print. As a New Yorker, I’m partial to black clothing 99% of the time but I like my fitness gear a little louder. I’m fully obsessed with the Nadia Lloyd leggings I got to wear for this shoot with the Toronto skyline print.
  • Toronto gym or studio: Since my sport (obsession?) is strongman, my favourite place to workout is the best spot in Toronto for strongman-specific training: Fortis Fitness. They have stones, yoke, farmer handles, logs, sandbags, axle bars, and a bunch of other toys that sound terrifying but I swear are so much fun. I make the trip down there to get my ass handed to me by my awesome coach and Canadian strongman champ, Dain Wallis.
  • Toronto healthy food/juice spot: Impact Kitchen is everything. Why do I even buy groceries anymore? I could easily eat every meal there. The raw chocolate chip cookie…brb going to buy one right now.

Alyssa Ages

WTD: With athleisure becoming more of a way of life than a trend, what’s your best tip for going from gym to brunch (or drinks, or dinner…) in your workout apparel?

AA: Invest in a few sleek, long pieces (that will cover your butt) to throw on over a pair of black leggings. The MICHI vest I wore for the Well TO Do shoot would be fabulous for that and it has a really luxe feel. I love a bomber jacket for fall with a longer top underneath. A sleek ponytail with a spritz of hairspray and a pair of boots and you’re good to go.

WTD: What’s your #1 wellness tip?

AA: Try not to follow too many trends. In just the last month, I’ve read about the healing powers of: turmeric, crystals, bone broth, meditation, working out first thing in the morning, sleeping in, drinking coffee, not drinking coffee and only drinking matcha, just to name a few. It’s exhausting to keep up. Just pick what makes YOU feel good.

WTD: As we head into fall and then winter when it’s more comfortable to just stay indoors, what’s one way we can keep up with our fitness routine?

AA: Have a plan and a backup plan. Were you planning to run tomorrow morning but there’s a whole bunch of snow on the ground? Have a few at-home workouts ready to go so you don’t just hit the snooze button. You can easily access bodyweight workouts to do at home through the magic of Google.

WTD: What’s the “next big thing” in the Toronto wellness scene?

AA: The next big thing in the Toronto wellness scene is… the Toronto wellness scene. There’s this incredible buzz around this industry right now. New studios are popping up, awesome events are happening daily, and the community continues to extend its reach. It’s a really exciting time to be a part of it.

Alyssa Ages of BeFit Marketing is wearing the fabulous MICHI vest, Nadia Lloyd leggings, Lolë top and gloves by Props Athletics

PROPS gloves are all about FITNESS, FASHION & FUNCTION. PROPS not only provide the function of a stable grip on any surface or piece of equipment, minimize germ transfer and calluses, and can be used to wipe and wick away sweat – the non-bulky, sleek design lets you go from the gym to the streets in style.

Photographer: Jay Crews

Hair: Cabello by Carolina

Makeup: Irene Sy

Location: MISFITSTUDIO Ossington