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Candid Discussions Curated by Rachel Fackoury

Last Monday we had the opportunity to attend the first installment of Rachel Fackoury’s Discover You series of intimate panel discussions. The concept of the series is to create a safe and comfortable space where women can address negative self talk, break down barriers, and discuss topics that aren’t necessarily that easy to broach openly, or at all.

The first of four curated conversations centered around a very sensitive subject for most of us – our relationship with food. Moderated by Rachel Fackoury, the discussion was endearing and emotional, and replete with optimism, helpful tips and honest talk…and more than a few swear words.

rachel fackoury

As a moderator, Rachel is empathetic, prepared, professional, and well-spoken. The three powerhouse women on the panel were Jamie Snow, an advocate for struggling strong and a trainer at Fuel Training Club, Shauna Mann, a nutritionist specializing in eating disorders, and Sarah Berneche, a nutritionist and proponent of intuitive eating and what she calls the “anti-diet.”

All three women spoke candidly about current and past struggles with disordered eating and/or what we would call true eating disorders, and how they continue to fight to look at food in a positive lens.

rachel fackoury

There were several valuable take-aways:

  1. No one is alone in struggling with food or body image. There is both a community we can reach out to as well as expert help.
  2. We need to change the dialogue and get rid of harmful language surrounding food. This includes notions of punishing ourselves after “bad” or “cheat” days, as well as constant focus on restriction and weight loss. The conversation should be about being at home in our bodies, getting rid of diet rules and listening to ourselves.
  3. Social media is dangerous.  The fact that we often don’t lay out our real lives on social media gives those posed shots increased value and takes away from the value we attribute to our real, messy, sour candy- or chocolate-filled lives. And, take it from us, candy is very, very valuable.

Rachel Fackoury’s next conversation is coming up Monday, October 16 at Coldstream Gallery near King and Spadina. This panel will focus on Women in the Workplace. Tickets can be found here. More info on Rachel can be found here.

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