first class

We test out the best and newest fitness classes in Toronto.

redleaf fitness

RedLeaf Fitness Opens its Doors

The deafening sound of crashing weights. Ripped, shirtless athletes. Casual conversations about snatches and jerking. Walking into a CrossFit box for the first time can be a confusing and intimidating experience. RedLeaf Fitness, Toronto’s newest gym, is out to change all that. “The current dominant…
roselby rodriguez

Q&A with Roselby Rodriguez, Pilates Guru

We had the opportunity for some private pilates instruction from Roselby Rodriguez, an incredible pilates teacher at Core Studio, Body Harmonics and elsewhere, fascial stretch therapist and wellness coach.  She is also certified in ELDOA - a new discipline we can't wait to try.  Well…
sweat shoppe

Sweat Shoppe TO: One-Stop Shoppe

Past the swank suit shop with its mini-skirted tailors, the market peddling opulent produce, and a spot to fit in a botox shot before brunch, is a subterranean fitness studio that offers all of the boutique experience you might expect from Yorkville, with a decidedly…