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When “Core” is More than a Buzz Word: CORE Studio

“Engage your core.” It’s something we hear once in nearly every group fitness class but Forest Hill’s CORE Studio is building a business off of the mantra.

core studio

We recently had the opportunity to attend a ‘Full Body’ class at CORE Studio.   Whether it was running sprints on a treadmill powered by using your own weight and momentum, using hand weights and your own body weight for push-ups, planks or curtsy lunges, our core was tuned on and we worked to feel it engaged with every movement.

core studio

When we got into the group exercise room, step one was to learn how to use their type of treadmill. Where most treadmills power up with a push of a button, CORE’s self-powered treadmills require you to push and use your strength to create motion.  Simple changes of arm position (straight arms and bent arms) changed the speed of the treadmill.

The workout was separated into treadmill work (using the treadmills to run, but also for single leg lunges), and floor work using hand weights, resistance bands and individual body weight. The sixty-minute class ended with planks and a quick body stretch.  

core studio

Where some classes claim to be total body, CORE Studio delivers on the class description of a “60 minutes of high intensity class focusing on the entire body core that includes functional threshold training and conditioning”. CORE is a challenging workout that keeps you constantly moving and targeting more than just your core; the amount of sweat produced is a testament to that.

We had a chance to chat up with CORE Studio’s Joshua Lipsey post class to find out more how they differentiate from other workouts in Toronto.

Well TO Do: Please introduce yourself to the Well TO Do readers.

Joshua Lipsey: Hey Well TO Do Readers! My name is Joshua Lipsey, I am a former professional athlete turned strength coach, and the owner and founder at CORE.

WTD: Why did you choose the name CORE for your studio?

JL: We chose the name CORE for our studio because we believe that the core is the most important part of your body during any chain reaction, and it is the origin of movement.

WTD: What makes CORE Studio a unique workout experience?

JL: CORE is a unique workout experience because while most gyms focus on loading up weight on clients for development, our goal is to challenge your functional thresholds and train your body in all three planes of motion.

WTD: When you log onto your site, you see are welcomed with, “Classes now available. We encourage you to fail.” Tell us about what this means to you.

JL: Our tag line was created to let new clients know that our classes are very challenging and to make light of the word “failure.” We encourage you to fail because within that failure is growth and progression.

WTD: What would you want your clients to say about CORE Studio after leaving a class?

JL: I would want our clients to say that they were challenged in a way that doesn’t`t cause injury and builds strength and confidence.

WTD: Some of your workouts use treadmills. Do you have to be an avid runner to come to a class?

JL: An avid runner would benefit greatly from this class because of all the work we do with antagonist muscles and training the hips in all three planes of motion. Having a strong core is vital in running otherwise it can lead to injury.

WTD: What excites you most about the Toronto wellness scene?

JL: The Toronto wellness scene is definitely becoming more popular and I am excited with the variety of studios popping up and breathing new life into the city.

Core Studio is located at 446 Spadina Road, Suite 204.

Find Core Studio at and on Instagram at @bewithcore.