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So Fresh & So Clean – Detox Market Event Recap

On Thursday, September 21, we hosted an event at The Detox Market to break down the top five items you need to replace in your beauty regimen. Led by the amazing team from The Detox Market, we learned how to track down the harmful chemicals in our drug store beauty products, why they’re hurting us, and how to make some easy swaps.

The Top 5 Items You Should Switch, Stat: 

  • Mascara (do you really want harsh chemicals getting into your eyeballs?)
  • Lipstick (if we’re keeping our diets clean, the last things we want to do is ingest gross chemicals like lead and parabens through our chic red lip)
  • Deodorant (aluminum is for foil, not your pits!)
  • Body Lotion (we’ll go all-natural for the one product that covers the largest organ in our body, thanks)
  • Face Moisturizer (if you’re going to be ready for your close-up, best to keep things like polysorbates and chloride off of that gorgeous mug)

detox market

The Big Chemicals to Watch Out For: 

You can find a full list of these bad guys and more on The Detox Market’s website

  • Mineral Oil (hiding in your face, body and cosmetic products)
  • Parabens (in the same products as mineral oil)
  • Lead (in most of your cosmetics – gross!)
  • Aluminum (you guessed it: in your antiperspirant)
  • Pthalates (in synthetic fragrances and hairspray)
  • Propanol (in the same products as mineral oil and parabens)
  • Formaldehye (you know this is in your nail polish but it’s also lurking in shampoo, body wash, cleansers, and synthetic eyelash glues)
  • Chloride (antibacterial soap and moisturizer)
  • Polysorbates (all types of hair, face, and body products)

After our talk on how to make some swaps, we sat down to have our brows done by the incredible artist from local brand Plume, and picked up samples of the all-natural, locally-produced products by beloved brand Province Apothecary.

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While we shopped, we enjoyed delish sips from our friends at Greenhouse Juice (can we get a hell yeah for their “it’s still summer, we swear” rose?) and snacks including brownies, MCT bars, and raw chocolate chip cookies from the crew at Impact Kitchen.

detox market

Everyone took home swag bags packed with goodies from The Detox Market, Impact Kitchen, Fit Factory, Nagi, Mindful Snacks, Smart Sweets, and Greenhouse Juice.

Join us at our next event on Sunday, October 15 at Henderson Brewery where we’ll enjoy a mindful meditation from Radiate Happy, get bendy with mindful movement from Jamie Snow, and then gather in the tap room for a pint. 

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