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Entrepreneurs Assemble at 2017 Archangel Summit

This was the second year for the Archangel Summit, founded by Giovanni Marsico.  From the moment we stepped into the Sony Centre, the air was buzzing with excitement surrounding both the marquee presenters and the chance to connect with fellow entrepreneurs. Per their website, Archangel “is all about curating and connecting mission-driven entrepreneurs who are making a real impact in the world. We believe that dreamers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators are the keys to real social change, and my role is to talent scout these superheroes.”

archangel summit

Speakers included Simon Sinek (author of “Start with Why”), Danielle LaPorte (author of “White Hot Truth”), Daymond John (Shark Tank, FUBU), and a host of others. Each speaker offered their take on what they have found to be an effective tool to enhance personal development, drive social change, or become a stronger entrepreneur. The talks were interspersed with a Moonshot contest of budding entrepreneurs seeking an investment in their businesses as well as a mini concert by Akon who brought close to a hundred women on stage to dance with him.

archangel summit

The author (centre) with Sarah Memme of Liberty Life Yoga and Heather Gardner of Tribe Fitness

As an entrepreneur and someone who strives to be my very best, this gathering of humans – both presenters and attendees – was incredibly motivating. There is something undefinable that happens when a group of more than 2,000 souls gather with similar intentions. One of the highlights was when Danielle LaPorte said she would be remiss as a light-worker to stand up on stage and not address the current situations people are experiencing due to the recent hurricane devastation. She continued to have us close our eyes and move through a meditative visualization for the earth and all who live here. (She prefaced it with the fact that all of us there were likely, already a bit “woo-woo,” but it felt amazing to be a part of a large group with the same healing intention.

archangel summit

When the Archangel Summit closed (with a presentation of the Moonshot prize to female entrepreneur Ilana Ben-Ari), you could still feel the energy radiating in the lobby and spilling on to the street outside as people reconnected with like-minded members of the Toronto entrepreneur community.

Whether you attended this year or want to be a part of this for next year, you can learn more at