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F. MILLER Skincare – Elegant, Natural, Luxurious

We spoke with Fran Miller, founder of F. MILLER, an elegant Toronto-based skincare collection that is both powerful and gentle. With an emphasis on being just as complex as necessary to yield results, and a tastefully beautiful exterior, F.MILLER is a perfect reflection of a modern approach to skincare. Fran’s toxin-free and consciously-sourced formulations have been featured in countless publications such as Vogue, Flare, and Wallpaper, and prove that natural no longer has to be excluded from our definition of luxury. Read on to learn about the inspiration behind the brand, the evolution of the green beauty industry, and why everyone should be using a face oil.

Well TO Do: Please introduce yourself to the WTD readers.

Fran Miller: Hi! I’m Fran Miller, founder of F. MILLER Skincare.

WTD: How did F. MILLER become a reality?

FM: I started creating my own skincare formulations five years ago after years of personal skin issues/sensitivities. I had a hard time finding natural products that were highly effective yet simple to use, ones that felt and smelled luxurious and looked beautiful on your bathroom shelf but were completely free of toxic ingredients. I often found myself overwhelmed by many skincare brands and products on the market and was never truly satisfied with their results regardless of how much money I paid. I eventually started giving out my samples to friends and family and after about a year of amazing feedback, I decided to quit my job in the fashion industry and make the brand a reality.

f. miller

WTD: Luxury skincare is often associated with brands that don’t use natural ingredients. In recent years, what changes have you seen in the skincare industry and perceptions towards natural products?

FM: There has undoubtedly been a huge a shift towards natural beauty/skincare in recent years. Botanical ingredients can have such incredible benefits and it’s fantastic to see that consumers are becoming more conscious of what they are putting on their skin. Companies are re-formulating their products to meet the demand. I think there is often the perception that natural products don’t work as well as “luxury” ones or that they smell funny and are less enjoyable to use. My goal with F. MILLER was to prove those perceptions wrong – natural can be luxury too.

WTD: Describe your ideal skincare routine.

FM: It’s pretty effortless: oil cleanse (F. MILLER cleanser coming soon!), mist generously with the Toning Mist, immediately massage in 2-3 drops of Face Oil until fully absorbed and 1 more drop gently patted around the eyes. Once a week I’ll do a clarifying clay mask while in the bath – I love to add a few drops of our Body Oil into the tub too for instant soft skin afterwards.

F. Miller

WTD: Are face oils for everyone?

FM: Yes! Face oils can be the magic answer when dealing with redness, acne, flaky patches, even oily skin. The key is finding the right oils and using them properly. Our Face Oil is highly concentrated and specifically formulated with 15 powerful oils to be balanced, easily absorbed and sensitive to all skin types. In general with oils, a little goes a long way and clean, damp skin is key.

WTD: What does it mean to conscientiously source ingredients and why is it important when formulating F. MILLER?

FM: The term “natural” can often be misleading and my goal from day one has been to only use ingredients sourced from direct farms, manufacturers, or distributors that are completely transparent and stand by the highest quality of their products. Just because an ingredient is labelled as “natural” doesn’t mean it didn’t go through a harmful refining process or isn’t a watered-down version of itself. Every ingredient we use is carefully selected without compromise in order for our end products to stay as highly effective and luxurious as they are.

F. Miller

WTD: Who is your skin idol?

FM: My mother. She has always been very pure and minimal when it comes to beauty and skincare and that was instilled in me from a young age.

WTD: What’s in the future for F. MILLER?

FM: My vision for the brand has always been to offer the perfect arsenal of essentials and never to overwhelm with an unnecessary lineup of items. We’re currently perfecting a few exciting collaborations and new products – an emulsifying cleansing oil will be the first of those!

WTD: What excites you about the Toronto green beauty and wellness scene?

FM: It’s amazing and motivating to see how many talented people are passionate about the same thing in this city and the response to what we are doing has been incredible. Green beauty, wellness and self-care are relatively new concepts for many and I’m excited to be part of a growing community that continues to innovate and promote them.

F. Miller

F. MILLER is a line of mindfully and luxuriously crafted face, body and hair care made in Toronto. Learn more about ingredients, application tips and self-care here.