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Goop by Juice Beauty Arrives in Canada

Love her or hate her, one fact is irrefutable: Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and arbiter of covetable cool through her platform, goop, is a force to be reckoned with.

Whereas most celebrities hold their aesthetic secrets to success close to their chest, Gwyneth has made herself an open book. With her cookbook, you can eat like Gwyneth. Through her newsletter, you can shop like Gwyneth. You could even go so far as to cleanse and tone your nether regions like Gwyneth. And now, thanks to the launch of her new beauty line (and the new option to purchase it in Canada), we can also achieve glowing skin like Gwyneth.

We headed over to The Detox Market, one of only two places in Canada to carry to line in store (the other is GEE Beauty and you can also order directly from goop online as they now ship to Canada), to learn a bit more from goop’s Beauty Editor Jean Godfrey-June (formerly of Lucky and Elle magazines) and to test out the line.


As we tested the products, Jean talked to us about what we’re missing when we look at the labels on conventional products. Sure, we know the big few to avoid, but where else might chemicals be lurking?

“You can look on the back of a label and see there’s nothing that ends in parabens, but [the chemicals] could easily be in that ‘fragrance’ ingredient,” Jean explained. “So I always ask ‘what’s in that fragrance ingredient?’ Most clean companies are very transparent about it, they’re like ‘oh we use a blend of essential oils or we use some extracts from plants and these are what they are.’

“When somebody says ‘it’s proprietary, we keep that a secret,’ there can be hundreds and often thousands of ingredients under ‘fragrance’ that they don’t have to tell you. But if you look at face cream or lip balm, or  shampoo or anything it’s all going to going to have fragrance so it’s a question worth asking.

“The conventional argument is that it’s just a little bit and you get [these chemicals] in the drugs you take, the beauty products you put on, the food you eat, the air you breathe, the stuff you clean with, but it’s a huge amount of accumulation.”


About the Line:

Developed by Gwyneth in conjunction with organic skincare leader Juice Beauty, the mostly organic line merges luxury formulas with certified organic ingredients.

The star of the six-piece show is the Exfoliating Instant Facial (which was gifted to each media representative at the event), a mix of natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids, plant-based cellulose beads to exfoliate, and vitamin B5 to sooth.

The product is intended to be used as a mask. How long should you keep it on? “You’ll know when it’s time to take it off,” we were told. Oh.

When we got home, we smoothed on a layer, set a timer, and spent the next three minutes overanalyzing every minor tingle. We never felt that intense burn we read about in so many reviews, perhaps because we didn’t layer on quite as much (you think we’re wasting that much $175 product in one shot?!).

What we did notice though, was a satisfying sensation once we had washed it off, a cross between a mild burning (it’s working?) and an ultra-clean tightening (similar to after a professional facial). Our skin looked visibly brighter and tighter (if also briefly a bit more red), so we’ll definitely be keeping this one around for those times when we can’t make time for a facial.

Because we are incredibly easily influenced by pretty packaging and a price tag that screams “luxury!” we also took home the Replenishing Night Cream, which earned a Best of Beauty nod from Allure. After one night of using it the product, which is packed with sandalwood nut oil, linseed extract, and hyaluronic acid, we can confidently say we made the right call to lead with our wallet. The ultra thick and luxe cream feels like it’s hydrating your skin from the moment you apply it. But what really blew us away was that waking up the next morning to rinse our face, we could still feel a softness from the cream working its magic overnight.


The rest of the line includes:

  • Luminous Melting Cleanser (also an Allure Best in Beauty award winner), which features a blend of almond, olive, and coconut oils, shea and cocoa seed butters, as well as jojoba and sunflower
  • Perfecting Eye Cream which is made with olive butter, sandalwood nut oil, and powerful peptides
  • Enriching Face Oil which is the closest to being totally organic at 99% organic ingredients
  • Revitalizing Day Moisturizer which includes linseed extract, Vitamins C & E and powerful peptides


Find goop by Juice Beauty online at The Detox Market’s website and in stores.