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Just Shut Up and Try It Ferments Hooks Us on Jun (the Champagne of Kombucha)

We recently had the chance to try some of the products made by Just Shut up and Try It Ferments, a company located right here in Toronto! Not only is the Kimchi amazing but we are now hooked on the Jun.  We also LOVE kombucha, so we were ready to try another version of it…the Ginger and Cinnamon flavor had just the right amount of ginger to be healthy but not overpowering.  The Jun was light and delicious, with the perfect amount of natural carbonation.  We can’t wait to try the other flavours!

Well TO Do: Please introduce yourself and your company to the Well TO Do readers.

Joanna Biafore & Marketa Mervart: Hello! We are Joanna Biafore and Marketa Mervart, the founders of Just Shut Up and Try It Ferments.

WTD: What were you doing before you started Just Shut Up and Try It Ferments?

JB/MM: Both of us were/are stay at home moms of two boys. We made sauerkraut and Jun together for our own families because of the many heath benefits associated with fermented food. One day, a few moms in the schoolyard overheard our conversation about the ferments we were making at the time and asked if they could buy a jar from us. The rest, is history!

just shut up and try it ferments

WTD: What is the story behind the name?

JB/MM: The name makes us giggle. It’s about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone. Words to live by. Sometimes, you just have to “Shut Up and Try It!”.

WTD: Tell us a bit about the benefits of fermented foods and how your customers have reacted to including them in their diets?

JB/MM: Fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria (probiotics), prebiotics, nutrients and digestive enzymes. We have witnessed reversed behavioural diagnoses, balancing of hormones, removal of chronic inflammation and strengthened immune and digestive systems by simply cleaning up diets and adding back in these gut supporting foods.

just shut up and try it ferments

WTD: We love kombucha (who doesn’t!) so tell us a little bit about your signature drink, Jun?

JB/MM: Jun has been called the “Champagne of Kombucha“. It’s made from green tea and honey and, like Kombucha, its fermented using a mother or SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). We made Jun for our kids instead of kombucha simply because we preferred the ingredients of green tea and honey. Our ingredients are organic and the water we use is from a spring. It’s wonderful first thing in the AM, during the midday slump for a pick me up or even to be used as a low cal and clean mixer.

just shut up and try it ferments


WTD: How and where do you source your ingredients?

JB/MM: We source our ingredients locally, from all over, but we primarily work with Zephyr’s Organic Farm.

WTD: What’s exciting you most about the Toronto wellness/health scene?

JB/MM: We have been blown away by the response we have received from young parents who are passionate about having fermented foods be a staple in their homes. The health and wellness scene has actually become way more mainstream and most of our customers speak our language. Nothing warms our hearts more than watching a toddler down our kids kimchi or an 8 year old request a Jun or Kombucha over a can of pop or juice. These kids just get it.

Huge thanks to Joanna and Marketa for letting us sample such yummy fermented goodies!  For more information, including where to buy, click here.