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How to Love the Darkness during Life’s Solar Eclipse(s)

Monday, August 21 marks the first total solar eclipse of its kind since 1979. As a solar eclipse is paired with a new moon, now is a time to take pause in our lives to reflect, release, reset, and reconfigure our paths. This new lunar cycle represents a time to refocus mind, body, soul and spirit.

With mercury in retrograde (a time when the planet moves away from earth), there are some caveats. Mercury rules communication, so while it is in retrograde, it’s time to take extra care, to slow down. Your intuition is high; coincidences may appear in rapid succession. Take this time to pay attention, to notice life’s synchronicities and signs.

Monday’s solar eclipse will peak at 2:32 PM EST. From Toronto, 70% of the sun will be covered. In Vancouver, 86% at 10:19 PST. During this three minutes of darkness, planets (including Mercury) and stars will be visible. You may wonder, what effect will this powerful occurrence have on earth?

The sun rules the light, energy, warmth and weather, as the moon rules the ocean, the tide, and plant life. The effect this cosmic dance has upon earth will not go unnoticed, as your shadow sharpens in the minutes leading up to the solar eclipse, birds fall silent, and plants close in preparation of sleep. The wind will calm.  Animals will eat very little, drawn to rest as nature turns inward.

nasa solar eclipse

photo credit: NASA

How You Can Receive the Solar Eclipse


I invite you to consider this an opportunity to turn inward yourself, as the solar eclipse provides an opportunity for deep reflection. You may ask yourself (with journal and pen in hand):

  • When darkness falls, can I feel that sense of trust that light is coming?
  • Can I be present to this dance of light and dark in life, breathing through each step?
  • What would be the worst thing that could happen if I trusted that this too shall pass?
  • What lessons does our darkness have to impart on me?
  • Can I learn not to be afraid of the dark?
  • When my source of light is hidden from me, can I sit in the darkness with curiosity?
  • How can I love my shadow, trusting that love will transform it into light?

Allow the darkness in life not to be a time of uncertainty, but rather an embracing of lesson. In astrology, while the sun represents our most personal desires, the new moon is a time for putting our goals into practice, taking steps towards what we want. You will feel how the moon’s lunar qualities of emotion, instinct, and intuition will eclipse the sun’s solar qualities of logic and rationale. Now is the time to embrace your intuition, allowing for stillness and calmness to let this intuition sing.

While you may feel yourself pushed into a direction of your life for which you don’t feel ready, or forced to face change in a way that feels uncomfortable, all that you have to do is breathe… embrace the natural flow of life and of change. As you see and feel the effect this solar eclipse has on nature, trust our connection to the universe.

To catapult yourself onto this springboard for rapid change, there are tangible steps you can take. As this eclipse signifies the start of a new spiritual cycle, take this time to reflect on your life in the past 18 months, since the last solar eclipse. You may ask yourself:

  • What have I learned?
  • Where have I felt the most flow in my life?
  • What has shifted?
  • What is my intention for this new spiritual cycle?

cassidy thedorf radiate happy

Harness the Power of the Universe

Now is the time for introspection and healing. Just as scientists seek to learn about nature during this phenomenal time, you have the chance to learn about yourself. With this opportunity to reflect, release, reset and reconfigure, we can intentionally harness the power of the universe! Consider the following:

  • Take time to journal, meditate, and rest.
  • Clearly set your intention for your new spiritual journey; a new moon represents a blank page for you to map out your aspirations.
  • Above all else, dream big. The universe is ready to move mountains for you in this time. If there was no “impossible,” what would be possible? 
  • More importantly, what feeling is possible to go with each dream? You have the energetic support of the sun, moon, and planets to propel your creating and manifesting into the universe.

With intention, stay receptive to the shifts in what arises both within you and around you. When the sun emerges, you will feel a resurgence. With this sudden change, you may feel shifts in your energy, consciousness, heart, mind, body, and spirit. Stay open to this time of personal growth, embracing change. Keep your arms, mind, and heart wide open.

The learnings we have to derive from nature’s trifecta in the sky can be taken beyond August 21 and into the days, weeks and months that follow. Slow down, pay attention. Allow yourself to be here, now, dancing with the stars, moon and sun in this beautiful ebb and flow of both darkness and light. Trust that if we can love our darkness, we will have the courage to truly love our light.


Mantras for Meditation

As you meditate to let your intuition sing, here are some mantras to consider repeating to yourself. Choose one which resonates with you:

  • I breathe in light, and exhale dark
  • I breathe in love, and exhale fear
  • I am open to the flow of this universe
  • I will achieve my dreams and aspirations quicker than expected
  • The universe aligns with my dreams
  • The universe moves mountains for me
  • Everything is working out perfectly
  • I let go of the past, and I release the future to the universe
  • I am here to do great things
  • I am so grateful for today
  • I love you

The light in me recognizes the light within you,


*Do not look at the sun without solar eclipse safety eyewear.

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