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Morning Routines of Toronto’s Girl Bosses

Whether you down a shot of ACV, sit for a quick meditation, or simply hit the snooze button, chances are, your morning routine is something you’ve got down to a science. While we definitely have ours (hello intention cards and journaling!) we were dying to find out how the most successful women in our community start their days.

Read on for Part 1 of a two-part series on the rituals of our favourite #girlbosses. 


Christine Tessaro is the founder of beloved spin studio, SPOKEHAÜS.         

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Tell Us About Your Morning Routine:

I have had to work really hard at being a morning person. When I was in the corporate world, I pushed the boundaries big time and was able to start much later than the average (i.e; 9:30-10:00am).

With my own business, especially being in the fitness industry I have been forced to make a big change in this regard and it has been something that I have had no choice but to become. To be honest, I am so thankful as I really feel like I have become so much more productive in my days!

A non-negotiable for me is sleep. I 100% NEED 8 hours of sleep every night. I make sure I am in bed SANS phone and laptop at least eight hours before I need to be up. My alarm goes off at about 5:45am (or lately my eight-week-old golden retriever puppy is my alarm clock).  I have been taking both of my dogs out first thing (the are my #1 priority in the AM!) and then I immediately make a coffee – I find the smell instantly wakes me up.

I quickly run upstairs and get my gym clothes on; I always have them laid out from the night before. Then at this point I grab my phone; I really try to have it not be the first thing I see in the AM. Teeth brushed and face washed and I am pretty much good to go. I NEVER wear makeup at this time! After this I basically run out the door and grab a BIXI BIKE. I hit up Starbucks and bike to the studio to work the 7AM class!

The One Thing You Must Do Every Morning:

I need my nitro cold brew with coconut milk every morning – it literally is what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning.

Where to find Christine: 

Instagram: @christinetessaro & @spokehaus



Jordana Hart of I HART NUTRITION  is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and wellness entrepreneur. Jordana lives by balance and moderation and fills her meals (and Instagram feed!) with the colours of the rainbow. 


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Tell Us About Your Morning Routine:

Getting asked about my morning rituals is perhaps one of my favourite questions of all. In fact, I feel joy thinking about all of the small moments that take up each and every morning before the daily grind takes motion.

As a wellness entrepreneur who spends my day multi-tasking (sometimes like a crazy person!), there’s no such thing as an 8-hour, 9-5 day. The day is nine-to-five, five-to-nine, and beyond. Taking a few moments to myself every morning is not only preferable, it’s mandatory. It took me several years to ace the perfect morning ritual. Here goes:

I wake up at 6:30am. Every single morning. I do find myself itching to doze off into the comforts of my bed almost everytime the alarm button goes off. But before I do, the itch to fall back asleep turns into a feeling of excitement. The day is here, and I’m going to kick its A$$! 

Hydrate. I drink one large glass of room temperature water. When we sleep, we wake up naturally dehydrated so it’s important to re-hydrate upon rising. When I have one, I add freshly squeezed lemon juice which promotes natural detoxification of the body.

Morning Brew. I love my coffee (and don’t we all!). The distinction for me is making a good quality cup of coffee (trade and pesticide free), and adding in homemade cashew/almond milk (recipe on the blog!). Finally, I pour in one packet of @vitalprotein collagen peptides which has anti aging properties.

Reflect. While I’m still in my pajamas, I head for my couch, turn on my salt lamp and diffuser, sip my coffee, and simply relax for about 20 minutes to think about the day ahead. For 10 minutes I do this phone free, and about half way through I switch to Instagram!

To-Do’s. At around 7am I create a To-Do List. I highly recommend this one to everyone, everyday. It outlines the day for me, and dictates where my priorities should lie. 

Eat. Green Smoothie. Eggs. Toast. Anything that offers a perfect balance of macronutrients. Tip: switching up your breakfast day to day will ensure you’re getting different nutrients all the time!

The One Thing You Must Do Every Morning:

Save the best for last! It might be the last thing on my to-do but eating is by far the most important morning ritual on my list. Simply put, fuelling our bodies will fuel our days. Eating a filling and balanced breakfast is the perfect kick-off to a successful day. From a nutrition standpoint, food balances our blood sugar levels, boosts our metabolism and gives us energy.

Overall, my morning routine comes down to nourishing my physical and mental state to make everyday a productive and meaningful one.

Where to find Jordana: 

Instagram: @ihartnutrition



Josephine Cuthill is the girl boss behind Queen East’s framewrk, a mixed movement studio where you can challenge your body and find real community through movement. 

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Tell Us About Your Morning Routine:

I rarely wake up to an alarm clock. If I tell myself what time I want to wake up before I go to sleep, I have an internal alarm clock that goes off. The first thing I do – and I know that every expert warns against this – is check my phone for emails and texts. We have early classes in the studio so I always check to make sure things are fine before I start my day.

Once I know all is well I try to visualize exactly what I want and how I want the day to go and then I repeat the things I am working for – out loud. This is typically about a five-minute process.

When I head downstairs I start my day with a warm cup of water with lemon and take my probiotic. And then a coffee. After that I might start the food prep. I have a young daughter and often need to make her lunch.

Next I always have a green smoothie with spinach, romaine, apple, pear and banana; this is something I learned from Kimberly Snyder’s beauty detox and have done for over six years. I find this a critical part of my routine that sets me on a good path for the rest of the day.

If I have an early morning class I get showered pretty quick. I exfoliate, moisturize and put on sunscreen. I’m currently using the Philosophy Miracle Worker line and I moisturize my body with the Way of Will Body Oil (which we carry in the studio). Another new routine I recently started is cupping my tight muscles and upper leg with Lure Sculpt Cups. They are a great addition to the body routine and we are going to start selling these in the studio soon.

If I don’t have an early class I will check all email in detail and then create a to-do list, knocking off the easy wins so my day is a bit more open and my mind isn’t spinning with tasks. Once that’s done I will do my at-home workout routine before I shower. On really good days I manage to get some cardio in as well.

On the way to the studio I stop and get a coffee at Dark Horse on Queen East, which is our neighbour. The staff is always cheerful and friendly and I know I will be greeted with a smile no matter how my day is going.

The One Thing You Must Do Every Morning:

Can I say brushing my teeth or coffee? I guess not but they are essential. I always do a food prep of some kind as I’m leaving the house even if it’s a piece of fruit or handful of almonds if I won’t be back until lunch. It’s the one key to healthy eating that can entirely improves my diet.

Where to find Josephine:

Instagram: @framewrktoronto



Amber Joliat is the force behind the stunning MISFIT Studios. 

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Tell Us About Your Morning Routine:

I wake each morning near 7am, smudge with palo santo and sit to set the tone for the day (10-15 minutes on average).  I also light a ton of candle by RedSky – my favorite smell of the moment is Cannabis Rose.  

I pour a large glass of warm water with lime juice, then brush my teeth. I water my zillions of plants as water is boiling for ginger tea or coffee.

I make a power smoothie (banana, pineapple, peach, kale, hemp protein powder, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, almonds, liquid Vitamin D, ashwagandha and maca with water), shower, and dress for the day.

As I consume all the liquids I listen to a few inspiring astrological podcasts/forecasts/conversations, then I bicycle off to either our Ossington or Queen West studio.

We have diffusers all over our home and MISFITSTUDIO has recently partnered with Saje Wellness and I LOVE all the amazing smells to diffuse with. Right now I’m super into sunshine as it is warming and vibrant and alive, just like how this summer is extending well into October!!

The One Thing You Must Do Every Morning:

Smudge!!! For my mind, for my heart, to settle into calm. It’s an energetic balancer for me.

I’m simple with my skin care: a good face wash, toner, serum. I only use the amazing line created by a friend of mine, Province Apothecary.  That I never miss; especially as I age, and with the amount I sweat each day, my skin needs it. 

Where to find Amber: 

Instagram: @theamberj@MISFITSTUDIO