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NYC Guide – We Ate Our Way through The Big Apple

Over Labour Day weekend 2017, we paid a visit to New York City to seek out the new and upcoming trends in fitness and wellness – like meditation studios, wellness lattes, athleisure collabs and more – and bring them back to our Toronto community. We’re no good at keeping secrets, so we’ve put together an NYC Guide series to report back on all the amazing stuff we found.

This is the story of how two wellness pros ate their weight in avocado toast, drank purple lattes, and consumed all juices and healthy bowls NYC had to offer in a quest to find out the next big trends in healthy food and beverages. It’s a tough job, but that ube latte isn’t going to drink itself.


We’ve all tried matcha lattes. Golden Milk? Check. Charcoal juices and bulletproof coffees? Check and check. But as NYC goes, so goes the rest of the wellness world. So when we heard that alternative superfood lattes were de rigeur in the city, we had to find out why.

Our amazing ube and beetroot lattes at Chillhouse


For the wellness-loving among us who demand their bevvies be Instagrammable (#nofilter), there’s the ube latte. Ube is a yam typically used in filipino cooking, but it’s recently found more widespread fame as cafes serving all types of cuisines have embraced the starchy veggie for it’s ability to turn foods a highly photogenic shade of purple.

Generally mixed with coconut, almond, or soy milk, this bright purple drink can be found across NYC with a little bit of research and a lot of walking. We sipped ours at Grace Street (a massive and gorgeous K-town cafe) and Chillhouse (the spa / cafe in the Lower East Side).

Ube isn’t new to Toronto – a few spots have been serving it up in ice cream and baked goods for more than a year – but we’re hoping to see the latte show up on menus soon.

Incredible colour on this ube latte from Grace Street.


Equally pretty (just look at that deep pink color!) but a tad healthier (anti-inflammatory, packed with antioxidants, athletic performance enhancing) than the ube latte, is the delicious beetroot latte.

Beautiful beetroot latte. 

We tracked this one down to a tiny side street in Chinatown (The Good Sort), where beetroot is also being used in the Rainbow Latte (below), and Chillhouse. But it’s also popping up on menus elsewhere in the city including Bluestone Lane, the Aussie-inspired home of the massive avo toast you’ll see below (all the best trends in wellness – from lattes to beauty products – seem to be coming out of Oz).

The Good Sort also wins our creativity award for including beetroot in its Rainbow Latte alongside turmeric, blue algae, ginger, agave, cayenne pepper, black pepper, almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk. Whew!

Check out this rainbow latte, courtesy of the Good Sort

Matcha & More

We couldn’t walk two blocks in NYC without passing a matcha cafe. From Cha Cha Matcha, to Matchabar, to restaurants who have jumped on the trend and added matcha to their menus, the bright green drink isn’t going anywhere.

We picked one up at Bluestone Lane but you can find it, well, pretty much anywhere!

Back Home

Here in Toronto, while we patiently wait for ube and beetroot to make an appearance, we’re excited about the ever-changing wellness elixir menu at Impact Kitchen, the Golden Milk and Matcha Latte at Calii Love, the chic Goth Latte at Jimmy’s, and the brilliantly inventive latte art uptown at Himalayan Java House.


That whole juice craze thing? Yeah, it’s not going anywhere. With juice bars a dime a dozen in NYC, we picked our two favorites for your next trip:

Dr. Smood

The interior of this mini chain is just so sleek and clean, we couldn’t help taking photos of everything. We tried their uber healthy (and it sure tasted like it!) Organic Detox No. 9 and chased it with some delicious cacao mylk (sinfully delicious).

The Juice Press

For a hangover, the start of a cold, or just a serious masochistic streak, this is stop number one. See if you can handle The Juice Press‘ Rehab Shot, the Volcano, the Ginger Fireball, or the Mother F*#%in’ Fireball (think the ginger fireball but more intense). There are, of course, plenty of normal juices and smoothies, but where’s the fun in that?


If you have avocado toast, and you don’t ‘gram it, did it ever really exist?

We found our fave at Bluestone Lane but also drooled over the delish tomato-heavy, black-bean topped version at Hu Kitchen.

This is Bluestone Lane’s avocado toast.  Enough said. 

We also popped into the beloved The Butcher’s Daughter and snapped up two avo-heavy dishes: the kale caesar and lettuce-wrap tacos. Swoon.

Delicious avocado goodies sitting at the bar. 


Gone are the days of a sad bowl of rice and beans or a slab of bland tofu. We braved the insanely packed house at By Chloe in the Flatiron District to check out their killer vegan burgers and addictive baked sweet potato fries. Healthy food that tastes sinful? Sign us up.

by chloe

Photo courtesy of by chloe.

Stay tuned for our next installment of our NYC Guide, coming soon!