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Opening: MISFITSTUDIO’s 88 Ossington Avenue Location

Attention all Torontonians!  MISFITSTUDIO has just opened its second location at 88 Ossington Avenue!


We were was lucky enough to be able to attend a class at MISFITSTUDIO’s grand opening on August 2nd. Eme hit up a “GET WORKED” Pilates class – only the fourth or fifth pilates class that she has ever taken.  The verdict:

“I really do feel (days after) that my spine was worked, wrung out and stretched in all the right ways. Our teacher, Robyn Breen, was incredibly resourceful with alternate moves for my sore body, and exuded confidence as she taught her first class in the new space. Can’t wait to go back to such an amazing venue!” – Eme


In fact, we were so blown away by the opening day experience, that Erin headed back the following evening for a FUSION class.  As a former dancer and current yogi, Erin jived with the concept behind FUSION immediately. MISFITSTUDIO describes FUSION classes as being rooted in yoga, informed by pilates and inspired by dance.  And the class, taught by fab Katelyn McCulloch, did not disappoint:

“The vibe of the studio and the class was so up my alley.  The combination of strength exercises, yoga and dance truly allowed for an incredible whole body workout, while promoting a freedom of movement and expression that I haven’t really experienced outside of dance studios.  Accessible to people of all backgrounds, this class is one of the more unique fitness offerings that I’ve encountered in a very long time.  Oh, and the music was rad.” – Erin


It’s also worth mentioning that MISFITSTUDIO hosts some pretty incredible events and seminars outside of regularly scheduled classes.  Erin had the chance to attend RELEASE & RESTORE (Summer Bliss) with Vanessa Faria and Darren Austin Hall at MISFITSTUDIO’s Queen Street West location.  After leaving the workshop, which featured sound healing, chakra cleansing and yoga, among other elements, Erin said about her experience: “I’m so blissed out.”


We’re definitely digging what MISFITSTUDIO has to offer.  With two gorgeous, urban locations, and original class offerings drawing on dance, pilates and yoga, all with an edge, we are more than happy to say that we here at Well TO Do are on board with the MISFITMETHOD – “a mindfully created experience where strength and grace support each other, where you are guided to allow the body to flow and the mind to quiet. A wild physical journey full of connection, challenge and technique each class will leave you with a touch of magic.”


For more information on MISFITSTUDIO, including the new 88 Ossington location, click here.