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We Joined an Outdoor Bootcamp Girl Gang

Summer isn’t over yet, which means we still have plenty of opportunities to workout outside. So we jumped at the opportunity last week to join trainer Kelsey Rose and her girl gang at Canoe Landing Park for her weekly outdoor bootcamp.

If you’re looking for an intense sweat session for you and your workout bestie, Kelsey has got you covered. The group was a mixture of regular and new clients with varying levels of experience, but the inviting atmosphere made it feel like we had all known each other forever.

The bootcamp began with a partner circuit focusing on engaging the glutes and quads. This warmed us up for a lower body tabata circuit (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest) for four rounds, which included side lunges with knee tucks, sprints, side skaters and jump squats. Kelsey then lead the group through the final lower body HIIT circuit of kettlebell swings, raised reverse lunges, russian twists, medicine ball slams with squats, resistance band rows and a variation of squat holds.

The exercises were fast paced with minimal equipment but still set our quads on fire. We loved how the movements were different from what you might find in a typical lower body workout, and we can’t wait to incorporate some of them into our regular leg day routine.


We sat down with Kelsey after the bootcamp to find out more about her personal fitness journey:

Well TO Do: Were you always passionate about fitness and wellness?

Kelsey Rose: Yes, I was always was in and around the fitness and wellness realm. I grew up playing hockey and baseball until I went to university. After that, I made the switch to more fitness based activities because I was no longer doing sports. Then I started going to the gym, learning how to put myself through the exercises and learning how to workout. I took teaching in school, so one of my teachables was phys ed which showed me how to teach group fitness. After I graduated, I moved to Toronto, took my personal training course, and started working in after school programs teaching fitness right away.


WTD: What made you start this bootcamp?

KR: I just knew I wanted to do group fitness as well as personal training, predominantly working with women. I also wanted to do something outdoors because it’s always more fun doing group activities outside. It will be outside at Canoe Landing Park for as long as possible but I am currently looking for places to continue this into the fall and winter.


WTD: What does your personal fitness routine look like?

KR: I am all over the place and am always looking for new things. I do boxing, pilates, yoga, strength training, running, and my own workouts. One of the most important things with exercise and fitness is just really switching it up because then you’re not getting bored of what you’re doing and you’re constantly challenging and shocking your body – which is how your body grows.


WTD: How do you stay so motivated?

KR: The biggest thing that motivates me is the way my body feels. Even when I was on vacation, I was working out almost every single day because it makes me feel good. I’m not working out because I’m trying to look a certain way. Yes, that’s obviously an amazing benefit to being active, but for me it’s because I feel good after I complete a workout. It makes me have more energy and feel like I’ve achieved something.


WTD: What’s exciting you most right now about the Toronto fitness scene?

KR: What’s exciting me most right now are all of the cool studios that are opening up. I feel like because there’s a lot out there, people are constantly stepping up their game of what they can open next. There’s so much competition but in a way it’s a good thing because it’s making people come up with new and different studio ideas.


Kelsey’s bootcamp is hosted at Canoe Landing Park every Tuesday at 7:30pm. You can also keep up with Kelsey on Instagram and sign up for next week’s session through her website: