The Detox Market - CANADA
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An Ode to Battleropes

Battleropes are one of my favourite ways to get in some cardio (seriously, these take you from zero to hero very quickly) and get in some upper body in an interesting and efficient way.  I typically set a timer on my phone and go full-throttle…
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Black and White

Some things in life are simply black and white.  At least they were for us during our latest visit to Belmonte Raw this week.  Indecisive about which of the many juices to try, we eventually opted out of our usual "green habit" in favour of  a…
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Debrief: 30-Day barre3 Challenge

During the barre3 challenge, barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln and her team of experts guided participants through a step-by-step program designed to shape the entire body. Every week, participants aimed to : 1. take four 60-minute classes; 2. do one 10-minute online workout; and 3. try…
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