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Q&A with Roselby Rodriguez, Pilates Guru

We had the opportunity for some private pilates instruction from Roselby Rodriguez, an incredible pilates teacher at Core Studio, Body Harmonics and elsewhere, fascial stretch therapist and wellness coach.  She is also certified in ELDOA – a new discipline we can’t wait to try. 

Well TO Do: Please introduce yourself to the WTD readers.

Roselby Rodriguez: Hola, my name is Roselby Rodriguez and I am a Pilates Instructor, Wellness Coach and Fascial Stretch Therapist.  I teach people how to move better, how to be aware of their bodies and how to combine a healthy life style in the mix.   I combine my different training to create a whole support system for those looking for healthier options. There are different ways I work with friends and clients, either with Pilates and movement, healthy eating coaching or mentoring and partnering.

roselby rodriguez

WTD: How long have you done Pilates?

RR: I started practicing Pilates in 2004 when I did my first mat certification. From there I have I done Reformer training, Cadi and Chair. Also, Pilates for Breast Cancer and Standing Pilates as well.

WTD: How has your Pilates practice impacted your life?

RR: When I started Pilates I did not know much about it, but my low back felt sooo good after few sessions so I decided to learn the technique so I could pass the knowledge to other people and help them the way Pilates helped me.  Pilates has also opened the doors to other modalities I use now like ELDOA, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Breathing and Balance, etc.

Being an immigrant and studying in another language and being in front of people teaching was intimidating at the beginning,  but once I got confident that my accent didn’t matter but my knowledge and energy did, things have been great!

roselby rodriguez

roselby rodriguez

WTD: What gave you the idea to start your own Pilates business as a teacher?

RR: I come from the corporate world.  I am originally from Venezuela and back home I went to university for Humans Resources, when I came to Canada I studied International Business and during my careers I always had a business or job on the side.

I believe that different stream of income is a key to create more wealth and also not to get bored :):):)  So I decided to study the Pilates technique so that would be my  “business on the side”.

When I finished my mat certification, I was teaching Pilates in the evenings and working full time during the day.  Then,  one day I got laid off and everything changed for me.  In the meantime I was looking for another job, I started to teach more and more classes and then I was offered to manage a studio part time.  From that offer,  I was getting more hours and more sessions.  Other studios offer me hours as well so I didn’t have time for my “corporate work” anymore.

roselby rodriguez

roselby rodriguez

WTD: How accessible is Pilates?  Is it a practice that anyone can do?

RR: Yes it is!  I think Pilates is a technique that has to be experience without rush and anyone can do it as long as they understand the level they are and the awareness necessary to be a Pilates student.   Every studio has different levels for new and advanced clients.  It is a matter of respecting and listening to the body and go to the classes that are appropriate for the level and body condition.

WTD: Why is it so important to have a strong core?

RR: Because your core is your center. From the core we move, we breath and we find our posture.  We connect to the ground and to the sky from a centered core.

roselby rodriguez

WTD: Mat vs. Reformer…what’s your take?

RR: I love mat for balance work and to find my own strength with my own support system.  Reformer is fun and helps me to sculpt my body without crazy heavy weights. For best results I combine both worlds depending on my mood and what I want to get that day.

WTD: If you could give WTD readers one tip, inspired by Pilates, to live their best lives, what would it be?

RR: Connect with your body and who you are without being negative and too critical.  Find your strength as you learn to move and breath.  Pilates will keep your body strong as you age and there is not a perfect time to start your practice, just do it 🙂

roselby rodriguez

WTD: What’s next for Roselby Rodriguez?

RR: I am finally building on my website, so people can find me and see all the things I do.  I am also, growing my tribe with @wildfreecollective and our partner company.  We teach people how to get better health and better finances by  helping each other in business and leadership.  I am expanding my Healthy Eating Coaching business as well so my Pilates and non Pilates clients can experience changing some habits that could be interfering with a healthier life style.   I am also part of the mentorship program at Body Harmonics to help teachers become better at what they do and give them the support they need.

WTD: What’s exciting you most right now about the Toronto wellness scene?

RR: OMG – there are so many places now that offer a huge variety of options so people can interchange all the modalities and feel great about it.  Toronto is a great city for wellness and I find people are open to it.  In every neighbourhood there is a studio, a holistic clinic, a gym, etc.  It is great to see that we have options to go to and find our niche.

You can find Roselby on instagram @roselbyrodriguez
Facebook: Roselby Rodriguez
Twitter: @mundopilates

Huge thanks to Roselby Rodriguez for taking the time to speak with us and to Michi NY, the brand that gets credit for us accidentally wearing the same gorgeous sweatshirt. 

roselby rodriguez