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Spynga – Cycle, Yoga and Strength in Original Boutique Studio

Christine Noonan recently had an opportunity to sit down with Casey Soer of Spynga – one of Toronto’s oldest boutique studios, offering spinning, yoga and strength training in a wonderful location.  They will be opening a new permanent location soon – stay tuned! 

Well TO Do: Please introduce yourself to the Well To Do readers.

Casey Soer: I am Casey Soer, mother of 3 boys, wife, and the owner of Spynga; cycle, yoga, and strength.

WTD: For those of our readers who are not familiar with Spynga, please tell them about what types of classes offered at the studio. What sets Spynga apart and how have you come to be such a staple in the Toronto boutique fitness community?

CS: We opened our first studio 10 years ago, when boutique fitness didn’t exist and we were welcomed with open arms by a community who was ready to put their health and wellness first. We offer the best classes with the best teachers in spinning, yoga and strength training. Our signature class is our SPYNGA flow, where one spends 30 minutes on an intense and powerful bike ride to enliven the heart and then moves to the mat for a 30 minute vibrant yoga flow and cool down to balance out the body and calm the mind. The result is pure harmony! We very much value every single human that walks through our studio doors, and keeping a friendly, personal, and accessible vibe is what I think sets us apart from your every day gym and studio experience.


WTD: We can’t believe that Spynga is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary this year; what an achievement! While there are likely lots of answers to these questions, can you share one of your favourite memories and one of the lessons you have learned during this journey?

CS: There are so many amazing memories! I would say a favourite would be watching a breast cancer patient go through treatment all the while making it to Spynga, almost every day. She is a true Spynga warrior, inspiring all of us to stay strong and fierce even through the toughest of times. She is now in remission and continues her fight and her will to live healthy, all the while, sharing her story with Spynga and it’s community.

WTD: Your current location is a temporary one, with a brand new facility opening next door in just weeks! What do you love about your new neighbourhood?

CS: This neighborhood ROCKS! It encompasses all that a Spynga person is; healthy, supportive, inspiring, young, old, and in between – it’s urban, funky, current and cool – a total Spynga vibe, through and through.


WTD: You mentioned that this new location is on street level and will have a much larger retail boutique than the previous studio. For our shopaholics out there, what can they expect to see?

CS: Some of our popular staples that we featured before, including Spiritual Gangster, Good Hyouman, Karma, Alo, Vintage Havana (the comfiest branded sweats!), lots of fun branded leggings and tanks, and fun Spynga accessories. We will also be carrying a full apothecary section, yoga mats and props, fresh juices, and healthy snacks.

WTD: As a busy mompreneur yourself, you must be proud that Spynga has become the destination place for prenatal and postnatal workouts. What kinds of classes and programs do you offer for moms and babies?

CS: I am SO PROUD! It is truly a dream come true to have new and seasoned mamas coming in on a daily basis with their little ones, getting sweaty, and feeling so good. We offer prenatal yoga and postnatal mama and babe classes everyday! Moms can choose from post cycle, circuit, strength training, pilates, or yoga core classes. We also have special workshops to help Mamas deal with any pelvic health issues they may be experiencing, including tummy tears (mine is 7 fingers deep), and limited access to their pelvic floor.


WTD: Spynga prides itself on having passionate, inspiring, and educated teachers, many of who graduate from your teacher training programs. What types of programs are currently being offered?

CS: We offer our Cycle Revolution teacher training program – which began in 2008 – and since then, we’ve graduated over 180 spin teachers who teach all over Toronto, Canada, and the world. In addition, we offer a 250-hour RYTT program. Our new modular YTT begins this summer and we are currently accepting applications.

WTD: What’s next for Spynga?

CS: We’re launching our brand new studio, while continuing to provide the best in spinning, yoga and strength training classes in Toronto! We are taking our programs on-line as well, so that people all over the world can do a Spynga class in their home or train to be a spin or yoga teacher in their own city. We are currently setting up a full retail virtual experience where you can purchase your favourite Spynga tank, sweats, or spin shoes with the touch of a button.

WTD: What’s exciting you most about the Toronto wellness scene right now?

CS: I’m excited by how diverse and unique the Toronto Wellness scene has become, as well as the spin culture that has developed. Toronto is truly a city that can now compete with the likes of NYC and LA as being the BEST in health and fitness.

You can find Spynga on Facebook here, twitter here and instagram here.