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Sweat Shoppe TO: One-Stop Shoppe

Past the swank suit shop with its mini-skirted tailors, the market peddling opulent produce, and a spot to fit in a botox shot before brunch, is a subterranean fitness studio that offers all of the boutique experience you might expect from Yorkville, with a decidedly more downtown vibe (and price point).

Sweat Shoppe TO, which opened in late September, merges private training, Bootcamp classes, nutrition consulting and rehabilitation services, in a spacious two-room studio. The Bootcamp class concept may not be new, but Sweat Shoppe TO offers a different take on the high-intensity workout, capping the entire experience at 30 minutes.

“The 30-minute classes incline the individual to put in 110% effort, as there isn’t much time to get your sweat on,” General Manager Sean McDonald explained. “With all of our instructors being as motivational and inspiring as they are, it makes it a great way to burn calories, develop lean muscle, and maintain the fun and self-competitive environment – all in one.”

On a Friday morning at 8:00am, instructor Mia kicked off our workout with a warmup of 140 jumping jacks and 140 mountain climbers (done in a 50, 40, 30, 20 routine), with a 10-burpee finisher. Once we were sufficiently warm (and sweaty), she explained the workout.

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Each segment had a specific focus: strength work with dumbbells, plyometrics with no equipment, core work on a mat, and a static hold. Movements included dumbbell thrusters, renegade rows, jump squats, plank hip dips, and a full minute plank hold (just to name a few), structured as four segments of nonstop movement (four-minute, three-minute, two-minute, and one-minute burners with 30 seconds rest in between).

And lest you think that’s the entire workout (as I regrettably did), it’s worth noting that at the approximate moment you begin to pat yourself on the back for not dying, the instructor will gently remind you that it’s time to do the entire thing again.

While it’s all high-price and high-attitude outside the studio, below Yorkville Avenue the tone at Sweat Shoppe TO is supportive (several trainers stopped to cheer on our class) and refreshingly friendly.

The 30-minute sweat sessions are held six times each day (two classes on Saturdays, no classes on Sundays), but if Bootcamp isn’t your style, McDonald says Sweat Shoppe is planning to launch new classes at the end of March. Sweat Shoppe also runs a Six-Week Challenge throughout the year which includes one-on-one coaching, discounted training, team motivation, tailored meal plans, bi-weekly assessments, and a party to celebrate the challenge completion.

Sweat Shoppe TO is located at 70 Yorkville Avenue. To learn more about Sweat Shoppe or to schedule a class, click here. New visitors can take advantage of a complimentary 7-day pass to try out the studio. Email info@sweatshoppeto.com for info.