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Sweating as One at RIDE Cycle Club

There is no shortage of unique spinning studios throughout Toronto, but, RIDE Cycle Club is making moves to pull ahead of the pack.

We recently had the opportunity to check out RIDE Cycle Club, a studio that opened its Ossington location earlier this year and has already built a loyal following of spin lovers. RIDE prides itself on a complete full body workout that strengthens your mind just as much as your body.

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With a diverse lineup of classes, RIDE Cycle Club makes it very easy to choose your preferred class length and a music genre that fits your ride style. Each instructor also has a difficulty rating and intensity level in their bio page to help your selection – but don’t get too excited about going for the “easy workout” – every class is guaranteed to be a challenge.  

The studio is welcoming with clean white walls, neon signs and a large front desk to make sure the check in process is as quick as possible. There are multiple locker areas, both inside and outside of the change rooms, as well as a wall dedicated to an incredibly tempting line of lululemon RIDE gear. The spinning room is bigger than most, however the 56 bikes take up almost every inch of floor space. This is excellent for creating the “Ride as One” atmosphere, but makes some of the choreography and arm work a little challenging to navigate with your neighbor.

ride cycle club

We chose the fifty minute Rap n’ Trap ride with Elizabeth, who has a self-proclaimed  “Sweaty Chic” riding style with a difficulty rating of 7/10 and an intensity level of 8/10. We consider ourselves pretty confident in our spinning capabilities (we even chose front row bikes) but by the end we were wondering why she wasn’t rated a 10/10 on the intensity scale!

Elizabeth’s playlist was so powerful and motivating that the class couldn’t help but sing along, wave their towels and cheer throughout the entire class. The fifty minutes flew by.

The ride was fast paced with more jogging tracks than climbs and there were sections of the choreography that we would definitely label as advanced. But this is not to say beginners should be wary of RIDE Cycle Club in any way. As long as you show up and do the best you can, your experience will be a positive one.

As the class went on, Elizabeth  walked around to blow out the four large candles that were the only source of light in the room. This created a more internal spinning experience than we’ve ever had before. Being unable to look around and let our minds wander, we began to focus solely on riding to the beat of the music. It encouraged us to look within and become motivated by what our bodies are capable of.  

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