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The Takesumi Detox is Like Rehab, For Your Armpits

There are certain people you meet and instantly connect with: For me that was Mary Futher, founder of Kaia Naturals, the company behind the natural deodorant Takesumi Detox. I fan-girled hard when I met Mary and her superstar team at the opening of Cadence Health, a new health hub offering primary care as well as a massive database of all-natural beauty, skincare, and tea products.

Kaia naturals is the indie, non-toxic, eco-beauty brand that’s 100% cruelty-free. The company started with the Juicy Bamboo cleansing cloths in 2010 and expanded to the cult-favourite Takesumi Detox Deodorant, made with charcoal and available in three scents (Juicy Bamboo, Cold Pressed Rose, and Lime Mint).

takesumi detox

Mary Futher, Founder of Kaia Naturals

As a corporate developer for beauty companies, Mary had a good understanding of beauty culture, but at the time natural beauty wasn’t on the radar. She was using wet wipes to remove her make-up at night and with it came eye infections and skin irregularities from the ingredients in the wipes. For someone with sensitive skin, this was a warning sign to stop putting something so harsh on something as delicate as the skin.

Why doesn’t anyone make cloths without all the junk?

That was the premise of Kaia Naturals and the development behind the Juicy Bamboo cleansing wipes.

“Natural for me was always on the radar,” says Mary. “I knew it would be an emerging area in beauty, and I found myself taking in all the research about natural and organic ingredients, and combining them into beauty products.”

Mary launched her own product as a way to find something innovative and yet common enough to take to the gym. The goal of Kaia Naturals was to make natural beauty products better than what was out there.

Convincing a manufacturer to take on her project was an unexpected battle. Mary and her team had to find a deodorant that would apply just as easily as conventional drugstore deodorants, without containing baking soda, an aggressive ingredient for sensitive underarms. It took 18-months from inception to execution to find the right blend of ingredients. The result was a soothing combination of charcoal, rose and lime.

takesumi detox

Kaia feels like a regular deodorant. It doesn’t crumble on your fingers like homemade and cream deodorants. The application is effortless and the smell is wonderful.

Here’s what you need to remember when switching over to natural deodorants: Your body needs time to adjust to the type of deodorant that doesn’t clog the delicate part of the skin. You WILL sweat; this is known as the “detox” phase of adjusting from conventional deodorants to natural. Most deodorants and antiperspirants use aluminum which blocks the sweat glands and has been linked to a variety of issues.

It usually takes four weeks for the body to adjust and to know if this is the right natural deodorant for you. The stinky part is your body purging. The skin, especially the armpits, is the biggest eliminator of toxins through sweat. Sweating is good.

Why charcoal? Charcoal is a tricky product to manufacture, but amazing at eliminating toxins in the body. It acts like a magnet so odour and toxins bind to it. As a function, it pulls and traps water while neutralizing smell. Kaia has been able to produce the perfect mixture for odour control and smell, and will soon be launching a natural anti-bacterial soap designed specifically for your pits to kill bacteria and reducing the “transition” phase of detoxing.

The Takesumi charcoal has topped “best of” lists consistently. As the company grows, so will its popularity. You can learn more about the stages of detoxing here.