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Good Morning, Green Monster: UNION JUICE

There’s a new juice in town.  And by town, I mean downtown.  Union Juice has recently opened up a new location at John and Adelaide, catering to the condo crowd.  The ambiance is bright and airy, with large glass windows and a few graffiti-covered walls to give it that certain urban “je ne sais quoi”.
Feeling a little “hangry” after my morning barre3 class, Union Juice’s Green Monster Acai Bowl (acai, banana, kale, spinach, kiwi, crispy kale, coconut, hemp hearts, almond milk, granola, honey and vegan protein powder) gave me just the kick I needed to head off to my day job.  Or maybe that was their excellent Cafe Americano.  Whatever it was, both the bowl and the coffee were delish.
Also, on side note (and because it’s always important to me), the tunes are legit (the sampling we listened to spanned form ’90s rap through to Drake) and there’s free wifi.  What’s not to love about that?!
I, for one, can’t wait to head back to Union Juice to sample their juices and more savory bowls and salads.  And, for what it’s worth, I hope that they consider opening an hour earlier (at 8am instead of their current 9am start) to catch the “walking to work” crowd (most of whom are very “hangry”…trust me…). – Erin


I’ve never eaten anything for breakfast that is called a “acai bowl”, and was previously only aware of more savory lunch-type bowls, not ones containing everything from granola to spinach.  Thus, I was hesitant, but also ordered the highly recommended Green Monster.  As we waited, we got to watch as our delicious monsters were being made with great care and what could almost be described as love, in separate Vitamix blenders.  The bowl was absolutely incredible – flavourful, healthy, crunchy, smooth, fruity, lots of greens.  No complaints and can’t wait to try another one.

We each added a scoop of protein powder, to fill up those post-barre bellies, and noted another great thing about Union Juice — they use Biosteel!  Biosteel is my personal favorite protein powder (and a new favorite of the NFL!), as it is sweetened solely with Stevia, is low carb and tastes, quite frankly, amazing.  I use it daily in protein shakes, oatmeal and waffles.  – Eme

UNION JUICE is a quick serve restaurant alternative, serving up fresh, healthy and nutritious options with a focus on fresh made to order juices, smoothies, panini sandwiches, salads and other healthy snacks.  For more information, click here.  UNION JUICE, 106 John St. AND 382 Bloor St., Toronto.