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Products We Love: Weleda

In the world of natural beauty products, Weleda is the O.G. The company was founded in 1921 in Switzerland as a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own plant garden. That means it’s seen the industry go from hippie love for organic beauty, to our 80s obsession with decidedly unnatural neon makeup, to our 90s fixation on The Body Shop and its “no animal testing” ethos, to our early aughts love for the-pricier-the-better/better-living-through-science skincare, and back to the mega-growth of detoxed beauty. And it’s gone strong throughout it all, staying true to its cause.

Aside from packing its products with powerhouse ingredients like arnica, calendula, lavender, sea buckthorn, and wild rose, among others, Weleda is also committed to sourcing those ingredients through ethical and respectful sourcing and farming partnerships.

Earlier this week, Weleda brought a media pop-up to downtown Toronto to show off some of its best products. We stopped by to pack our shopping bags and report back on our favourite items.


Salt Toothpaste

What it Is: Yep, brushing your teeth with salt. Is it weird? Sure. It’s also strangely awesome. The fluoride- and SLS-free product uses myrrh, ratanhia root, and chestnut bark, along with sea salt, to clean the teeth naturally.

Why We Love It: We’re not going to sugarcoat it: the first moments of using this feel a little like brushing your teeth with a package of minty salt. Watch yourself in the mirror and enjoy the “I just sucked on a lemon” faces you’ll make while you brush. If you can get past those first moments though, you’ll be rewarded with that same clean and fresh feeling that you get from regular toothpaste. Then watch as that “too much salt” face slips into a virtuous “I’ve gone next-level natural” grin.


Skin Food

What it Is: The must-have Weleda item, Skin Food has been a cult favourite for decades. The formula has been around since 1926 and is a mix of rosemary, chamomile, and pansy in a nourishing base of sunflower and sweet almond oils to renew and restore the skin. It’s beloved by celebs like Adele, Alexa Chung, Ed Sheeran, Pryinka Chopra, Rihanna, Julia Robers, and Victoria Beckham.

Why We Love It: The impossibly thick cream feels like it could repair even the roughest skin, but the texture after application is barely there – a smooth, rich finish without any greasiness. And it can be used anywhere and everywhere. Weleda recommends it as a face mask, a highlighter, a hair shine, and of course, a moisturizer.


Sea Buckthorn Body Wash

What It Is: The citrus-scented body wash is SLS-free, paraben-free, and synthetic-fragrance-free. The Sea Buckthorn is cultivated in Italy and used throughout a line of delish-smelling products that we snatched up, including a body oil and a moisturizer.

Why We Love It: With the consistency of a body milk rather than a wash, this one has just a bit of lather and feels hydrating and nourishing, where some can feel like they’re stripping your skin of not just grime, but moisture too. Also it smells really, really good.


Sage Deodorant

What It Is: This not the spray-on deodorant that you’re used to. No aerosols or aluminum, just a pump spray with sage, rosemary and lavender essential oils to help your body detox and keep you feeling fresh, clean and ready to face the day.

Why We Love It: We’ve tried many and loved a few different brands of natural deodorant and can now add another one to the list. This spray-on deodorant (super convenient to apply in a busy lunchtime locker room!) smells incredible and, after road testing both at work and during a boxing class, we can report that our pits kept the incredible herbal smell and clean fresh feel.


Age Defying Eye Cream

What It Is: A departure from many thicker, richer eye creams, this light-to-the-touch lotion helps the improve the appearance of the delicate eye area.  Pomegranate, Argan oil, and sesame seed oil are packed inside this tiny bottle to sooth and reduce the appearance of lines and strengthen the feel of the eye area. It’s also part of a full line of pomegranate and argan oil products including a day cream, a night cream, and a serum. 

Why We Love It: Besides the fact that we love all things pomegranate (hello antioxidants), this cream feels so light and gentle on our under eye area. The cream visibly softens the skin and makes it look fresh and vibrant. Great for after those days packed with work, events, workouts and more.


Pick up Weleda products at Whole Foods Market,, and

Thank you to Weleda and JT & Company for gifting us with the products listed throughout this post.