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Well TO Do DIY: Superfood Mason Jars

Ever open your pantry and feel overwhelmed by the chaos of it all?  Ever read a recipe that calls for certain spices or other superfoods and wonder if you have any on hand?  Ever undertake a “spring cleaning” of your kitchen only to realize that you have three identical bags of cayenne pepper and four half-used boxes of quinoa?  Well, my friends, until a short time ago, this was very much my reality…all until I scheduled in a little personal time for my latest Wellness DIY project – Superfood Mason Jars.  Extremely simple, practical and chic, my Superfood Mason Jars are changing the way I cook, one accessible superfood at a time.

Step 1: The Materials

Gather together: 1. a set of mason jars (I prefer 16-ounce canning jars like these); 2. reusable chalkboard labels (I like the whimsical style of these); 4. chalk (I prefer using a white liquid chalk marker pen like this, to both have a longer lasting label and to avoid chalk residue); 4. your favourite superfoods (more on that below – but I made a list of what the contents of all my jars were going to be so that I could make my labels more easily).


Step 2: The Jars

Wash newly-purchase canning jars and ensure that they are thoroughly dry before using.

Step 3: The Labels

Using your prepared list of superfoods, write out each label and adhere the label to a mason jar.  Be creative!  Feel free to add drawings and different types of writing (cursive, capitals, block letters, etc.).

IMG_0633 (1)

Step 4: The Superfoods

Fill each jar with your superfood of choice.  Make sure to consider whether any of your superfoods require special storage (like seeds in the fridge, for example).  Some of my favourites include turmeric, spirulina, cacao nibs, coconut sugar, hemp hearts, chia seeds and dried goji berries.

IMG_0638 (1)

Step 5: The Pantry…Transformed!

Use this DIY as an opportunity to organize your pantry.  And…there you go!  Superfood Mason Jars are a gorgeous and super useful addition to any kitchen.  Now, bring on the smoothie bowls!

superfood mason jars

A couple of closing notes:

  1. Mason jars also make great vessels for salads.  I like to layer up my favourite vegetables, a protein source, along some olive oil and lemon juice, and throw my mason jar in my bag for an easy lunch on the go.
  2. When storing seeds in mason jars, I recently learned an important lesson from the BRIT BEET. The best place for seed storage is in the fridge – not always the easiest for condo living, but something to aspire to!

Happy Wellness DIYing! – Erin

P.S.  Stay tuned for some Well TO DO recipes making use of all your newly organized superfoods!