2016 Wellness Trends
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Well TO Do’s 2016 Wellness Trends Wrap-Up

2016 has been a big year for Well TO Do! I mean, we did launch, after all… But, it is honestly so amazing to be Toronto’s go-to resource for all things wellness, fitness and nutrition. We aim to provide a centralized platform for Torontonians to find out all about what’s hot now in our incredible community. At Well TO Do, we’re always on the lookout for the latest trends in wellness, fitness and nutrition in the 6ix – so, as 2016 draws to a close, here’s a recap of our top five 2016 Wellness Trends!

2016 Wellness Trends

No. 1: Bottled Goodness

The cold pressed juices of Toronto…a shoe-in for No.1 of the 2016 Wellness Trends! Impeccably designed bottles filled with delicious fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, various algae, anti-oxidants and super-foods in an absolute rainbow of colours. We at Well TO Do simply can’t keep up with all of the amazing juice bars popping up across the city and have had the pleasure of drinking cold pressed organic juices from at least ten different juice bars around TO. Our favourites include Elxr Juice Lab, Greenhouse Juice Co. and the Village Juicery and we feel like we discover new places every week! You can find reviews of the latest and greatest juices, waters, probiotics and freshly made milks on the blog…

2016 Wellness Trends

No. 2: Hitting Heavy Bags

Boxing had a huge resurgence in Toronto in 2016, thanks to boxing gyms that combine insane metabolic conditioning, high intensity intervals, bodyweight strength exercises, good old fashioned punching combos on heavy bags and partner work. Ours is a busy, bustling city and boxing offers Torontonians the opportunity to work off any stress or anxiety while simultaneously pushing their physical fitness to the max in all-out cardio heavy classes that offer few breaks and an incredible feeling when the 45 minutes is up! Find that euphoric feeling for yourself at some of our favorite gyms – Studio KO, Equinox, Stockyards and Big Hit Studios.

2016 Wellness Trends

No. 3 Yoga, Yoga and More Yoga

Something big happened in 2016 in Toronto and that something was the Toronto yoga scene. From staple studios that have been around for years to new pop-up classes to free yoga sessions, everywhere you look people are hitting their mat in a major way. A few of the cutting-edge “yoga happenings” that were on our radar this past year include:

  1. Pop Up Asana Toronto, a group of yogis working to bring yoga to the masses through pop-up events in Toronto. We particularly enjoyed their Drake-themed yoga classes at, you guessed it, The Drake Hotel. Plus all proceeds go to charity.
  2. Saje Aromatherapy Yin Yoga, combining two of our great loves – Yin Yoga and Saje Natural Wellness essential oils. Currently taught by Ashley McEachern at YYoga Queen Street West, this practice helps to bring balance to students, both physically and mentally.
  3. Breakfastclub, morning yoga and dancing to start your workday off right. Held at The Den, Breakfastclub epitomizes the growing movement of “healthy clubbing”, with participants enjoying an hour of sunrise yoga, followed by a dance party to some of Toronto’s top underground DJs. Bonus – snacks and coffee are provided.

Namaste, Toronto.

2016 Wellness Trends

No. 4 Taking Skincare Au Naturale

There is a huge focus today on what we are putting in our bodies through the foods we eat and the supplements we take. But, in 2016, Torontonians, especially women, started caring more and more about what they were putting ON their bodies. We’re talking natural, organic skincare and beauty products. Vendors like The Detox Market and The Cure Apothecary are bringing such products to the mainstream market in their beautifully curated stores. There are also local, natural “chemists” with their own skincare lines, such as GRAYDON Clinical Luxury and Province Apothecary, with innovative and “clean” product offerings. We predict that the natural, organic skincare and beauty movement is going to be even more major in 2017 – promoting health from the outside in, not just from the inside out – stay tuned!

2016 Wellness Trends

No. 5 Spinning Right ‘Round

There’s no doubt about it – Torontonians love their spin studios. Across the GTA, people are logging regular sweat sessions at a variety of amazing spin studios, each offering its own unique vibe. Many of Toronto favourites, like QUAD SPIN, Spynga and Cykl are continuing to kill it. But, in 2016, we also saw the rise of a new generation of studios, led by Rocket Cycle, SPINCO and SPOKEHAÜS, with an increased focus on the mind-body connection. Oh, and by the way, we hear through the grapevine that SoulCycle is coming to the 6ix in the new year…

2016 was such an amazing year for the Toronto wellness scene…  So, rest up this holiday season, because 2017 is sure to BRING IT ON in major ways!  Stay tuned for our 2017 Wellness Trends in January and kick off your wellness year on the right foot…

Happy Holidays from Well TO Do!