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Well TO Do’s 2017 Wellness Trends

On Friday night, at Toronto gem Impact Kitchen, we announced our picks for Toronto’s 2017 Wellness Trends.  Keep reading for more on what to watch in the wellness space this year.

East Meets West

Meditation.  Yoga.  Turmeric.  Ayurveda.  Everywhere we look, eastern influences are popping up on our wellness radar.  Our prediction: it won’t be long until we see Toronto’s first dedicated meditation studio arrive on the scene.  In the meantime, to get your mindfulness on, look no further than UN//TY, a new offering by Academy of Lions founder Dhani Oks, with classes introducing mindfulness and meditation to the lives of busy people.  Yoga, as we know, is everywhere, so find a studio or an instructor that resonates with you (like WTD’s own Christine Noonan!) and hit the mat!  Eastern spices, chaga, tea rituals and more are finding their ways into kitchens around the GTA, adding a vibrancy and new healthy element to our palettes.  And don’t be surprised if visits to your naturopaths this year end with Ayurveda-inspired suggestions for improving digestion, skincare and more.  In 2017, wellness is evolving by returning to many of its traditional eastern roots.  Yin and Yang for the win!


The Rise of the Boutique Studio

Whether you want crossfit, women’s only strength training, spinning at a dance party, spinning and grinding it out old school, spinning with a competitive twist, yoga, meditative and energy based yoga, yin yoga or anything else in between, we can guarantee Toronto has it on offer…or it’s on its way (indoor rowing anyone?).  Each of the boutique studios popping up across the 6ix has its own niche and truly demonstrates that its no longer about grumpily slugging your bags to the gym and pounding the treadmill, but about finding the workout, instructor, atmosphere and culture that resonate with you.  Not only that, but these new boutique  spaces are impeccably designed and often filled with incredible local brands, such as Leaves of Trees, MICHI and Way of Will.  See you at a boutique studio near you!

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Street to Studio Athleisure

Busy professionals, studio-owners, fitness instructors, yoga teachers and the like are all demanding versatile, fashionable and comfortable fabrics that can take you from the studio to the office, and out for dinner or drinks after that…and athleisure brands are responding.  Slimming cuts, sleek and durable material, industrial design and strategic mesh inserts are taking the classic black legging that really made athleisure a thing to a whole new level at MICHI.  Lululemon Toronto has created its own studio (the Attic) above its Queen West location, offering a variety of classes in which to show off that new athleisure.  We can’t wait to see what Spring 2017 will bring!


Eat Local, Think Global 

Toronto’s upping the consciousness factor.  Not just on the foods that Torontonians are putting in their bodies, but on the impact that food choices are making on local, national and global communities.  From reducing our carbon footprint by supporting local farmers and producers, to shopping organic, our food choices make a difference not only on our own health but on the health of the world.  Torontonians like nutirionist Meghan Telpher and Toronto institutions like Impact Kitchen are helping to spread the word – and the 6ix is stepping up!  So get ready to hit the farmer’s market, get curious about the food you’re buying and change the world once grocery trip at a time.

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Beauty, Detoxed

Get ready to clean up those medicine cabinets and make-up bags!  2017 is the year that green, clean beauty goes mainstream.  Gone are the days of “crunchy granola” make-up offerings of limited colour choices and questionable quality.  Today, women (and men!) are turning in their old, toxic beauty products for gorgeous new cosmetic lines that we can actually feel good about putting on our bodies.  Some beauty lines to watch this year: Sappho New Paradigm (Canadian, plus we’re digging the CC Cream); GRAYDON Clinical Luxury (Toronto-based, feeding your skin from the outside in); Tata Harper (green beauty takes on the luxury skincare market); ILIA Beauty (those lipstick shades, though); and Province Apothecary (as seen in Vogue and also Toronto-based!).  Need help with the detoxification process?  Look no further than the team at our favourite Toronto (and online) go-to: The Detox Market as well as our feature on local green beauty, here.  Looks like spring cleaning just came early!

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It Takes a Community

One thing is certain about 2017 – this is the year of community! From the rise of the boutique studio, where fitness tribes are thriving, to events, like Julian Ho’s 2.0 Toronto, that bring people together in the spirit of health and collaboration, to the way we are expanding how we think about community to encompass kindred spirits from across the country and around the world, this we have learned – there is support and strength in numbers. Well TO Do started off with a vision to create a platform that could bring Toronto’s wellness community together in common purpose. And now, at the beginning of 2017, we are seeing the wellness community unite like never before. It is said that your vibe attracts your tribe – and so onward we go, together, into 2017. May this be a year full of good health, high vibes and Toronto wellness!

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