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Wildcraft Skincare: Accessible Beauty from Local Goods

We had the pleasure of trying Wildcraft’s newest product-  an incredibly light and hydrating skin lotion that is currently on sale for just a few more days – as well as the chance sit down with Laura Whitaker, one half of Wildcraft skin care.   

Well TO Do: Please introduce yourself to the Well TO Do readers.

Laura Whitaker: Wildcraft is owned and operated by myself (Laura) and my friend and business partner Jessica. We’re a Toronto based artisanal skincare company dedicated to creating products that are 100% natural. We take a thoughtful, minimalistic approach to creating high quality everyday skincare at accessible price points!

WTD: We love that Wildcraft focuses on timeless, simple and natural ingredients. How do you choose your ingredients and formulations?

LW: We take a consciously minimalistic approach to our ingredient selection in order to ensure that we can fulfill our goal of creating truly natural skin care at approachable price points.

Although our products are accessible we always choose the purest ingredients possible. In our view ingredients don’t have to be exotic or rare to be effective. We take pride in using local Ontario content such as organic Ontario honey, sunflower oil, beeswax and hemp seed oil.

wildcraft skin care

WTD: What was the motivation behind starting Wildcraft?

LW: We were inspired to create Wildcraft out of a desire to bring the luxury of natural skin care to our customer’s everyday beauty routines.

One of our major motivations is to act as a bridge from mainstream products into the natural world. If someone is using basic brands from the drugstore it can seem like a big cost increase to start using natural so we want to make that transition as easy as possible.

WTD:We are so lucky to have been among the early users of your body cream. Can you tell us a bit about what makes it so moisturizing?

LW: This cream is made with super moisturizing organic coconut oil and calendula-infused sunflower oil. It is super rich, whipped and a lifesaver when you need some deep hydration.

wildcraft skin care

WTD: What do you have planned next for product launches and Wildcraft as a whole?

LW: We’ve just launched our brand new Light Body Lotion which is a wonderful complement to our much richer Illuminate Body Cream. The Illuminate cream is wonderful when you have a bit of time to let it absorb but the Light lotion is perfect for those days when you just have to moisturize and go!

We’re currently working on four new products that we will be releasing in the next year – some for everyday skin care and some that are a bit more specialty.

Our goal with the company is to continue pushing natural skin care into the mainstream market. We hope that by creating the type of product that we do we will be able to push truly natural, high-quality skin care out of the luxury niche and into the hands of everyday consumers.

wildcraft skin care

WTD: What is exciting you most about the Toronto wellness scene?

LW: The Toronto Wellness scene is amazing! We’re very lucky to live in a city that has so many wonderful options. From yoga studios, to seasonal farmers markets, to juice companies, to holistic health care practitioners, there is literally something for everyone. If you’re interested in living a really healthy lifestyle, I truly believe that Toronto is one of the best places in the world to do that.

As a skin care company I’m in love with the network of green beauty retailers that we have in this city. From market leaders such as Detox Market and Well.ca to the more curated boutiques such as Health Hut, Jacob & Sebastian and Helen & Hildegard.  We’re incredibly fortunate to have so many options to choose from. It makes such a difference when you can go into a shop to test out products and get the down low from their super knowledgable staff. The whole Toronto green beauty community has been super supportive of us and I honestly couldn’t imagined having started this company anywhere else, it’s pretty amazing.