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WTD Presents: Perfect Athleisure Looks for Fall

Fall is indeed in full swing! And with it has come an influx of squash and apple-based recipes, grounding yoga practices, and upping the hydration element in our skincare regimes. But a new season would never be complete without one other thing – new clothes.

Now is the time to update your athleisure looks so that you can continue work it hard this fall – whether you’re going from street to studio or are taking in the cooler fall weather.

This year, WTD partnered with some of the most amazing clothing and accessory companies around to bring you the latest and greatest in fall looks – plus some personalized insight from the brands on what’s hot now. From leggings, to mesh, to large meditation-inspired rings, this season is all about functionality with edge. And, as always, style.

Modelled by a dynamic crew of Toronto-based fitness stars (plus the WTD girls), the looks below are sure to inspire. (Tip: Pair any of these looks with you favourite bomber jacket and sneakers for a fab street look…or switch to a hoodie and runners/bare feet to get studio-ready!)

Continue scrolling to see seven of the chicest looks for fall.


Jamie Snow, athlete, trainer and powerful writer, sports an amazing look by MICHI – the Royal Bra, the Dusk Mesh Top, the Stardust Legging.

MICHI – The Artistry and Athleticism of Ballet inspires the MICHI Fall/ Winter 2016 collection. This season, cozy and warm winter layers pair with edgy mesh paneled workout pieces fit for the Ballet Barre studio, or for easy yet stylish everyday layering.  Durable statement pieces perform in the gym and make you stand out for a night out – perfect for the woman always on-the-go!


And now for something complete different…Jamie is wearing a chic sporty outfit by Hustle Originals – the I’m RX Golden Muscle Tank and the Drop Crotch Lounge Jogger

Hustle Originals – Fall forward and feel fancy as hell.  Hustle Originals proves it’s fit to be your favourite. The new range of reimagined lounge joggers, touques and gold-embellished muscle tanks have us craving an impromptu workout. Maybe even an extended lounge session by the fire. Either way, you decide how you’ll wear this popular Fall collection.


Alyssa Ages, strongwoman and fitness marketing expert, is rocking our beloved Nadia Lloyd’s Toronto Leggings, the Lolë Pascale bra, MICHI’s Revolver Vest and the rockin’ Props Athletics gloves. 

Nadia Lloyd – Gone are the days of black yoga leggings and I am soooooo glad for that! Abstract art leggings (Ossginton Leggings pictured in the feature image) allow you to spice up an outfit whether you are on your way TO the gym or FROM the gym! And one pair of leggings transforms into a dozen outfits! What a great investment.  And if you MUST wear mostly black, rep your city with my Toronto leggings, guaranteed to have people stop you on the streets and stare!


Christie Preston, incredible trainer, athlete and founder of BODstudio, is sporting the RYU Tough Tight (see our article here for more about these amazing pants!) and the Rize bra by MICHI.  

RYU Apparel – Respect Your Universe is tailored innovation for the urban athlete. Designed without compromise, RYU engineers apparel and accessories for the fitness and training of the multi-discipline athlete. Created for athletes by athletes, RYU exists to facilitate human performance.


Katelyn McCulloch is blowing our minds with her flexibility in the Thrive with Your Tribe tank and the fabulous Nocturne capri by Inner Fire.  She also is rocking the Lava Sea Stack by Karmala Designs and Warrior Mala ring by Tiny Devotions

Inner Fire – Inner Fire’s Fall 2016 collection incorporates a variety of themes inspired by nature and eastern cultures. Different shapes and textures are used to reflect a more introverted, moodier tone for the collection, while still maintaining a sophisticated femininity. The palette is more muted and uses complimentary colour schemes of blacks, greys, blues and purples to tie the collection together. The shirt designs reflect a playful wanderlust that is a signature of Inner Fire’s look.

Tiny Devotions –  Tiny Devotions is a women’s owned and run company that dances with devotion to creating beautiful mala beads and adornment to guide you deeper within yourself; so that you can always be tapped into the reality that you are limitless, wise, beautiful and powerful. Recent launched include the Mandala Collection (Mandala rings pictured on Erin below) and the Diffuser Collection.

Karmala Designs – Come the chilly weather, we have taken our popular bamboo capris (not pictured here) to the next level with extra long cuffs that keep those ankles warm! Karmala‘s signature Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu mantra adorns the right side, reminding us that happiness and freedom is wished for all beings.


And here we are in Lolë.  Eme is wearing the Camilla top and the Maile leggings and Erin is rocking the Panettiere leggings, the amazing Sable bomber jacket, the Aerin bra…and her new favourite rings, the Mantra Mandala Ring and the Mindful Mandala Ring by Tiny Devotions. 

Lolë – As Lolë Ambassadors, this fall we’re loving how it’s all about layers.  When pairing the perfect outerwear piece with some chic studio attire, we can get our studio to street looks down to a very artistic science.  Lolë has also come out with some incredible fabrics this fall – I mean, who doesn’t love to add a little shine or sparkle to their athleisure looks?!

Your workout looks are not the only things to update this fall.  For more ideas on how to live your best fall ever, click here.

Photography by: Jay Crews  

Hair by: Cabello by Carolina

Makeup by: Irene Sy

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